Is Brit mass migratory exodus from Spain just a rumour

Is Brit mass migratory exodus from Spain just a rumour

Is Brit mass migratory exodus from Spain just a rumour

Newly released figures from Spain’s Institute of National Statistics seem to reveal a mass exodus of British expats from favourite beach and retirement destinations, but is it just a vicious rumour?

Statistics showed that, from January 2012 to January 2013, the number of British expats living in Spain had fallen by an estimated 13,000, bringing the total down to around 385,000. However, conservative estimates from other concerned sectors put the total at a massive 800,000 scattered across the mainland and Spanish holiday islands.

Given reports from expat havens across the country, it would seen that the decline in numbers is more closely related to Brits not bothering to register themselves as residents when they first arrive. If new arrivals don’t register for the census at their local town hall, they don’t appear in any statistics.

When asked to confirm their registration, many don’t seem to be able to remember whether they had registered or not, and a few come clean and say they prefer to stay incognito. A new reason for this may be the recently-introduced Spanish law that foreign residents staying for more than six months in any one year must declare overseas assets valued at over €50,000.

Many wealthier expats, it seems, are now living elsewhere for six months in every year, and the controversial law looks as though it will hit local economies harder than rich expats as well as cutting the government out from extra tax revenues. Many not quite so wealthy expat residents may now be following suit, although a permanent exodus is far from their collective minds.

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