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Top Emigrating Destinations

Emigrating to Australia

Northern Australia is actually made up of the large Northern Territory and the state of Queensland. This area accounts for approximately half of all the country’s landmass. Many people may be surprised to know that, despite its size, only around 20 per cent of the population of Australia lives in the northern portion of the country. ...

Emigrating to New Zealand

There are plenty of appealing reasons to choose New Zealand as the country you wish to emigrate to. The climate is excellent and the economy continues to grow. There are plenty of jobs here for immigrants which makes it very appealing for those who are looking for better opportunities to take advantage of. If you are considering a move to New...

Emigrating to Canada

There are now many exciting opportunities to be found in Canada. This makes the country very attractive to immigrants. You can either apply for immigration at a Canadian visa office outside the country or apply for permanent residence when you are already here. The country provides many immigration programs that can best suit you and your...

Emigrating to USA

To most, the U.S. is the land of opportunity. But the land of opportunity can quickly become the land of frustration given the great difficulty one has to go through to migrate there. There are many ways that you can go about migrating to the U.S. You can go through employment sponsored immigration, family sponsored immigration,...

Latest Emigration News

New Johnson policy is set to wreck the lives of expats in both the UK and EU

New Johnson policy is set to wreck the lives of expats in both the UK and EU
The news that the UK government aims to cut off free movement for EU expats immediately after a no-deal Brexit takes effect is causing fear of a backlash against UK expats by EU member states. European citizens living and working in the UK are confused and anxious over reports the three-month extension of free movement post-Brexit is now...

Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats

Posted on August 19, 2019 in Australia
STORY LINK Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats
Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats
In spite of the rise of a good number of alternative destinations, Australia is still a favourite, especially with the British and Americans Unique landscapes, fascinating history and a traditional culture, laid back lifestyles and friendly locals, all of whom speak English, are just a few of Australia’s offerings to newly-arrived...