Expats urged to visit pre-mass tourism Spain

Expats urged to visit pre-mass tourism Spain

Expats urged to visit pre-mass tourism Spain

If you’re now planning to check out Spain as your new, post-Brexit country of residence, you’ll see the real deal as it was before the tourism invasion.

It’s common knowledge that Spain’s Mediterranean coastal resorts are set up for what used to be called package tours, attracting those who enjoy delights such as beer, British breakfasts and raucous nights out on the town. For would-be expats who’re certain the real Spain is still out there somewhere, now’s the time to check it out in all its charm and beauty.

Now that the Spanish government’s state of alarm is now just a memory and the country is carefully gearing up for a much reduced but hopefully still effective late summer season, the real Spain isn’t yet smothered by hung-over Brits demanding a bacon buttie and two aspirin. Those still hoping to make this sunny land their longtime home in spite of Brexit will get a brief chance to see it as it used to be seen, even although wearing a mask is still compulsory in stores and public places.

Restaurants aren’t crowded and noisy, shopping centres aren’t crammed with tourists, and although dancing in nightclubs isn’t yet allowed, dancing on the beach possibly is. Historic towns aren’t crammed with visitors, the countryside can be seen in all its beauty and birdsong can be heard.

Spain’s magnificent architectural heritage can be viewed along with just a small number of other visitors, thus displaying its beauty to best effect, and nighttime star gazers can stare in wonder to the sound of crickets in the grass.

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