Meet Our Authors

Alex Braham

Alex Braham is a young man in his twenties who was seeking a job in marketing for a travel firm. However, about halfway there he decided that this wasn’t exactly what he wished to do, so instead of working in marketing Alex became involved in writing travel news. Wanting to branch out some, he looked for other areas where he could write, and Alex now writes about various industries and government news for countries across the globe.

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Andy Scott

Andy Scott is a writer from Europe who didn’t used to have a job in this field. With a family history of heart problems and working such a physically demanding job for many years, Andy had a major heart attack in his early forties, and his doctors told him that he needed to find a new job that wasn’t so hard on his body. After getting over the initial shock of this, he was able to pull hisself together and find a job that he could enjoy doing, writing online news. With this new job, Andy has kept his health in good standing while having more free time to spend with the ones who matter to him most.

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Anna Rowlands

Anna Rowlands, the typical American young lady, comes from a very traditional family who believes that the man of the house should work and the woman of the house should keep everything neat and tidy. Wanting to work and not totally break tradition, Anna looked for a job where she could work from home while keeping the tradition. She came across writing content articles for various websites and clients and soon found herself writing news articles for sties online as well.

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Helen Young

Helen Young is a writer from the United Kingdom who has always wanted to visit destinations places across the globe. Although she is still working on achieving this dream, she has been living out this dream through the writings of news about travel destinations around the world. Helen had started learning all about other places through reading the news, and decided to do some writing of her own. Now Helen is doing something that she enjoys, while planning to live out her dream of traveling herself.

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James Becks

James Becks is a writer whose family has been in the field of writing for many generations, with his great grandfather being the editor of the local newspaper where he lives. He has always been inspired by this to continue the tradition of becoming a writer, while his siblings chose to go different paths. James is very passionate about the work that he has done and is going to do, writing news stories about companies in different industries, as well as general news happenings around the world, to keep the world informed.

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Kate Welch

Kate Welch, an English emigrant to Canada, has always been intrigued by the happenings of emigration regulations and events since she moved to the country. This inspired in her to share her life changing move to a new country with others, and Kate now writes content articles on new changes in the emigration regulations for may countries around the world, as well as news, to keep others who wish to make a move to a new country informed.

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Mathew Walters

Mathew Walters is a man in his late twenties who has tried his hand at many types of jobs, including emergency rescue, police officer, and even a nurse. Knowing that he wasn’t completely happy in any of these fields, Mathew decided to try something totally different to see if he would enjoy that better. He finally came across writing for online clients and websites, mostly about news topics. Mathew has enjoyed this new career so far and hopes that this will satisfy him for many years to come.

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Paul Fenrich

Paul Fenrich is an Australian whose dream is to write music lyrics for bands, as this is his only musical gift. However, finding the right band that represents the same style of his song writing is a feat that will take time, so Paul writes content work and news stories for a full-time job. During his spare time, he continues to create song lyrics while searching for the perfect band to sing them and represent the meaning behind his words.

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