Student visa options for Santa?s elves up for renewal

Student visa options for Santa?s elves up for renewal

Student visa options for Santa?s elves up for renewal

Although Santa himself is thoroughly familiar with the process for the visitor’s visa necessary for his all-night run across Australia, trainee elves on Oz student visas may need to check their options.

The subclass 456 short-stay business visa applicable to non-ongoing, specialised work is suitable for Mr Claus’s requirements, according to Australia’s department of Immigration. However, the department recently reminded trainee elves already on courses in Australia that their visas must be renewed shortly after Christmas, whether they wished to continue their studies or their courses had ended.

A spokesman for the immigration department said that the country’s world-class education system included elf and safety training in the fields of toy-making and reindeer husbandry, adding that aspiring elves often broaden their prospects by undertaking studies in industrial design. Most migrant elves return to Santa’s North Pole complex after they’ve gained their qualifications, but those wishing to remain in Oz will need to apply for a Skill Select visa from an offshore location.

The spokesman noted that a labour agreement between the Australian government and Santa, signed in 2011, allows highly-skilled elves to reside in the country for the purpose of training Australian elves, even although the skills needed are not on any official list. A last-minute message from Santa was received late on Christmas Eve morning, in which he promised he would contact the affected trainees and make sure the visa regulations were upheld.

Immigration state they are more than happy to discuss the setting up of a reciprocal working holiday agreement between Australia and the North Pole. This would involve elves between the ages of 18 and 30 being able to stay and work in Oz for a 12- month period, with Australians between the same ages being allowed full residential and working rights at the North Pole for the same period of time.

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