Why France and which visa for Brit expats?

Why France and which visa for Brit expats?

Why France and which visa for Brit expats?

If you’re a Brit looking to France as an escape from Brexit Britain, choosing the right visa is essential.

Many expat Britons who end up in France for whatever reason have visited regularly as tourists over a number of years. For an equally high number still living in the UK, it’s crunch time as regards joining those fleeing the UK in the general direction of another EU member state.

France is popular for many reasons, including the beauty of its countryside, its fascinating history, its choice of regions and, most of all, its famous cuisine and wines. Its southern climes range between warm and hot, its mountains appeal to those appreciating snow and wild vistas and its cities are historically fascinating but, above all, its reasonable cost of living is one of the major attractions.

Before the Brexit vote, moving to France was straightforward, but nowadays it’s far more tricky as no-one as yet is certain as regards the result of the Brexit negotiations. If nothing else, at least the protracted talks give those who’re serious about France a chance to learn some French, but securing residency should now be the priority.

If you can find a job, this is the easiest way to gain a visa-supported foothold in the country, as your new employer will take care of your visa and other official requirements. Another way in is to demonstrate a link of some kind to the country, such as a favourite retirement hub, a project, a French spouse or an already-resident relative. The amount of retiring applicants’ savings or earnings is also important.

For potential expats with none of the above, getting a basic visitor visa, arriving and seeing what turns up is another way to at least get out of the UK before the pandemic and Brexit totally wreck the economy. On this visa, work isn’t allowed, and enough income to support yourself must be shown. However, it's more than suitable for digital nomads with a reasonable amount in the bank and the ability to keep earning long enough to find a job and get a long-stay visa.

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