Australia eases visa rules for skilled migrants

Australia eases visa rules for skilled migrants

Australia eases visa rules for skilled migrants

In a welcome reversal, the Australian government has relaxed long-stay requirement for skilled workers from overseas.

Medical professionals, engineers, teachers, scientists and accountants working in the country are now able to stay indefinitely. New South Wales immigration officials recently gave out the good news that the skilled occupation list has been significantly expanded.

The new rules are expected to draw more Irish construction engineers and other professionals to Australia to settle on e long-term basis. Migration experts working with prospective immigrants believe that the expansion of the skilled workers list will have a significant impact on Sydney’s Irish community, as migrants with the required skills can now be nominated for permanent residence visas without the previous three-year wait.

Edwina Shanahan, speaking for Visa, noted there are now 120 trades and professions on the skills list, as against the previous 32. She adds that the news will be more than welcome to Irish workers already living in New South Wales and to those planning to make the move over the coming year.

At present, the unemployment rate in Ireland is at an all-time high, with many recent university graduates considering emigration as they are unable to find jobs. Many of these gained their qualifications in specific skills now included on the list.

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