Checklists for a fast pre-Brexit exit from your home country

Checklists for a fast pre-Brexit exit from your home country

Checklists for a fast pre-Brexit exit from your home country

If Brexit is the last straw and you’re planning to beat the rush to leave your present country of residence, planning is essential due to uncertainty.

Even at this late date, there’s no real idea of what will happen over the next few weeks. Wherever in Europe or the UK you are right now, your shortlist of essential tasks will take every minute of the time you’ve got left. The first essential is to calculate how you’ll support yourself in the long-term if you’re thinking to retire early due to Brexit’s anticipated effect on the local economy. Given that you can’t see into the future, a generous amount of cash in your bank account or the certainty of a private pension to back up your home country’s version is more or less essential in these troubled times.

Dependent on your chosen destination, you’ll need to get travel documents, especially your passport, in order, as well as checking whether a tourist visa will suit in the short term. If not, applications for long-stay visas can take a good while to deliver the necessary permission. Online purchasing is the best way to save money on your plane ticket, with last-minute deals usually available, especially on flights to less popular destinations. It’s the same with initial accommodation, especially if you’re planning to travel light, with AirBnB the most convenient and often cheapest online option.

One real problem is deciding what to take with you and what to leave behind. If money is no problem, hiring a shipper to pack and transport everything is the preferred option, but starting a new life overseas without encumbrances is a popular choice for many would-be expats. Getting rid of almost everything you own isn’t too difficult, especially with the increasing numbers of charity shops appearing on local high streets. Car boot or garage sales are another option, with the financial results helping with the cost of your lifestyle change.

Getting a pre-departure medical check-up including recommended vaccinations is an often-ignored essential, but if you’re travelling to a hot, developing-world country it’s an absolute necessity. If you can’t imagine leaving your pet or pets behind, you’ll need to check the regulations in your country of choice as well as finding a vet who’s familiar with what’s needed before you even book your flight. If you’ve reluctantly decided to travel without them, make certain they’re in a registered shelter with a good chance of being rehomed. Although cancelling all your direct debits and standing orders can be done form your new location, it’s far easier to do it before you leave, and there’s less chance of errors being made by bank employees.

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