Advice on getting the new UAE good conduct certificate

Advice on getting the new UAE good conduct certificate

Advice on getting the new UAE good conduct certificate

If you’re about to travel to your new job in the UAE, here’s how to get your mandatory document proving you’ve no criminal convictions.

The mandatory new requirement for expats applying for work permits came into force on 4 February and is set to be stringently enforced. Dependent on where in the world you live, the bureaucratic necessities look to range from irritating to infuriating but, according to the UAE lawmaker who introduced the plan, will keep everyone in the emirates safe from rape and murder. In these troubled times, any attempt to guard citizens from harm does seem to be a reasonable idea.

If you’re arriving from the UK, you’re fortunate in that you can apply for your certificate online, at, the fastest route as yet, with postal applications also accepted. Your application should be processed within two working days for premium service, and the standard service will take 10 working days. Once received, the document must be attested by the UK’s UAE embassy, or by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after your arrival.

For USA citizens, a visit to your local police headquarters should get you the required document, as can an application to the FBI for your ID record or proof you don’t have one. The second option requires a written request to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service and most be sent together with a set of fingerprints and proof of identity. A money order or certified cheque most also be included.

Australia’s federal police are authorised to provide the documents to the majority of those planning to work in the UAE. Your relevant Territory or State police service should be contacted, but you should take note the process may be slowed down and extra fees charged should fingerprints be required. The good news is that you can download the form for completion and printing before posting it to the relevant authority. Processing time is from 15 to 30 days after its receipt.

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