Advice on schooling for expat kids in the Czech Republic

Advice on schooling for expat kids in the Czech Republic

Advice on schooling for expat kids in the Czech Republic

One of the most difficult aspects of family emigration is finding the best schools for your children.

Expats relocating overseas with their families are common nowadays and are the major reason for the explosion of private education hotspots in worldwide destinations. Right now, for obvious reasons, distance learning has taken the place of the formal classes offered by international schools in every popular location, but once the spread of the pandemic slows down and vaccinations have been developed, education sectors all over the world will welcome offline students again.

Finding the right school often isn’t easy, especially in countries where English isn’t widely spoken. For parents heading to Prague with their families, international education is provided using either the British and American curriculums. The main advantages of international school education are that class sizes are smaller than in regular schools and lessons are provided in the home language. Teachers tend to earn more than at private schools and are happier as a result, but the obvious downside that pupils invariably miss out on assimilation into the Czech culture and language.

Admittedly, international schooling is expensive although scholarships based on need are often available. However, accreditation ensures high standards as regards the curriculum, and other languages apart from Czech can be studied. In USA-style education, students can choose their subjects with a view to their eventual careers, with British-style schools concentrating on exam results and the end-of-school assessments necessary for admission to British universities.

For those whose parents travel on business or are relocated to temporary positions outside the Czech Republic, a number of well-regarded schools also provide a boarding option and, for older pupils preferring to study online, American-style schools are the best option. Students can learn from anywhere in the world, allowing them to travel with their parents rather than boarding. High-tech visual platforms are used, and the schools concentrate on teacher support and individualised learning.

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