UAE golden visas encourage expats to stay long term

UAE golden visas encourage expats to stay long term

UAE golden visas encourage expats to stay long term

A top Dubai official has praised the UAE ‘golden visa’ as it gives expats a sense of security and belonging.

The recently-introduced 10-year long term UAE residency visa, popularly referred to as the golden visa, is now giving expats who want to stay in the emirates a true sense of security. The comments were made by the Director-General of Residency and Foreign Affairs during the recent Emirates AAirline Festival of Literature. The official confirmed the visa is renewable every 10 years, thus conferring permanent residency on its expatriate holders.

Demographically, expats make up the vast majority of the emirates’ population, although the 10-year visa is only granted under certain circumstances to expatriates with specialised knowledge and experience or those who’ve made investments in public companies. For those requiring security for five years rather than ten, the five-year version on the golden visa is available to property investors and outstanding students, and is also renewable every five years.

The UAE’s leaders are now looking to foster trust and confidence in the emirates amongst expats whose talents are essential for the further development of the region. The intention is that expat professionals and investors should be able to feel they belong in the region, thus encouraging them to give of their best to improve UAE society as a whole.

Whilst a number of expats will inevitably move on or back to their home countries, those looking to stay and make the region their permanent homes will welcome the chance via the recently introduced initiatives.

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