More Hong Kongers seeking to emigrate to Taiwan

More Hong Kongers seeking to emigrate to Taiwan

More Hong Kongers seeking to emigrate to Taiwan

An increasing number of Hong Kong people are looking to move to Taiwan, according to data from the respective territories’ authorities.

Although the actual number of people emigrating from Hong Kong to other countries around the world is falling, the number of applicants hoping to move to Taiwan is on the up.

The latest statistics from the Hong Kong Security Bureau reveal that some 4,900 Hong Kongers emigrated to the US, Canada and Australia – the three most popular destinations among people from the former British territory - last year, the lowest number on almost 10 years.

The number of Hong Kongers moving to Australia fell by 13 per cent to 1,900, while 800 people moved to Canada, a fall of 200 from the previous year. However, there was an increase in the number moving to the US, with 2,220 emigrating compared to 1,900 in 2013.

But the most notable figure was the number of people making the short journey to Taiwan, with 7,498 residence permits being granted last year, the highest in over two decades, revealed the National Immigration Agency of Taiwan. Twenty years ago, just 697 Hong Kongers obtained residence documents for Taiwan.

Hong Kong-based Goldmax Immigration Consulting Co. chief Cheung Ka-hei said that more people were choosing to move to nearby Asian countries such as Taiwan and Malaysia because of the uncertainty surrounding Hong Kong’s future.

He explained that last year’s Occupy Central movement, which saw thousands of people take to the streets on a daily basis to push China into introducing an electoral system in line with international standards, resulted many people looking towards Taiwan for their short-term future.

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