Canada express entry skilled work visa fails to impress migrants

Canada express entry skilled work visa fails to impress migrants

Canada express entry skilled work visa fails to impress migrants

A recent study has revealed that Ottawa’s new migrant arrivals are less than impressed with the Express Entry System due to launch in January 2015.

The new programme has already seen the recruitment of skilled immigrants across 50 job sectors in spite of the high number of recently-arrived qualified immigrants who are unable to find employment. Problems with the existing scheme include a lack of recognition of overseas qualifications resulting in difficulties acquiring adequate experience in the Canadian workplace.

Many who took part in the study are curious as to why Ottawa isn’t helping recently-arrived immigrants to find suitable positions before it invites even more skilled workers to live and work in the province. The Express Entry scheme will allow employers to choose from a pool of would-be migrants, but only if no citizens or permanent residents can be had.

The main attraction of the new scheme is its promise of permanent residency to applicants offered positions by employers or nominated under the provincial nominee programme. The Canadian government hopes that the Express Entry scheme will cut the need for temporary expat workers in areas where a skills shortage is hindering productivity.

Immigration minister Chris Alexander recently stated that the new programme will be a game–changer for the country’s economy. He believes that the process of attracting skilled workers will be revolutionised and their entry into the workplace will be achieved more quickly than with the present system.

However, a study of 14 focus groups by Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration department suggests that more attention should be paid to recent immigrants unable as yet to find employment. Respondents also noted the potential for immigration fraud by employers or applicants existed within the programme’s set-up.

Skilled newcomers already living in Canada but unable to secure jobs include engineers, pharmacists and doctors, all with impressive credentials. Language difficulties and employer requirements for local work experience are major obstacles to finding positions fitting applicants’ qualifications and skill levels.

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