Hints for expats looking to work longterm in China

Hints for expats looking to work longterm in China

Hints for expats looking to work longterm in China

If you’re determined to make China your next expat hub, following these rules should clinch it! In spite of the pandemic.

China is still a major hub for adventurous expats due to its vibrancy, long-term appeal and economic size. Business gurus such as Forbes business magazine are confidently predicting the huge country is set to be a favourite destination for global talent by 2022. The downside for determined would-be expats is that, if the predictions are correct, the competition for jobs will become even more intense. For any chance at all of being hired on a permanent basis, would-be expats will need to discover not only exactly what employers are looking for, but also how their own personal and business strengths fit into the requirements.

Hiring foreigners is the big thing for Chinese companies nowadays, as foreign professionals bring Western business intelligence, cultural understanding, new languages and new perspectives to companies wishing to go global. Looking overseas for industry expertise is logical, as expats’ unique talents can ease Chinese companies into the wide world outside the borders. Adaptability, cultural awareness, open-mindedness and, above all, committment to the needs of the company are all required, and new expat employees will be expected to contribute new approaches and ideas, thus making it easier to deal with international companies.

Team integration, an appreciation and understanding of Chinese cultural norms are equally important, and long-stay commitment is highly appreciated, especially if the company is already multinational. As regards popular business sectors for expat professionals, those with foreign marketing experience including digital expertise are now in demand, with IT experts especially welcome. Experienced English teachers can be certain of a warm welcome, as a number of companies are happy to hire native English speakers for specific jobs. However, experience and expertise tend to override being able to speak Chinese!

Once you’ve found your ideal job, it helps to make sure your employer is aware you’re in it for the long haul, as there’s a trend of poaching foreign workers by offering higher salaries and more perks.

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