Kiwi migration to Oz slows but immigration to NZ soars

Kiwi migration to Oz slows but immigration to NZ soars

Kiwi migration to Oz slows but immigration to NZ soars

The tsunami of New Zealanders heading for Australia may have slowed to a trickle, but immigration from the rest of the world to New Zealand is at an all-time high.

Over the last few years, a mass exodus of New Zealanders seeking a new life in Australia has been a major government cause for concern amid fears of the loss of the brightest and best. The tables would seem to have turned in 2014, with just 200 leaving in April, but the country is seeing the highest number of immigrants in the last 10 years.

At its height, the great escape saw almost 35,000 Kiwis leave every year, with various government officials using the country’s largest stadium as a measure for the numbers lost. Yesterday, Prime Minister John Key told the media that last month’s total migration number was an all-time low, stating it reflected the positive changes in the country.

Doom-mongers are predicting house price increases due to the number of arrivals, hikes in interest rates and the inability of Kiwi education and health services to cope with the rush. Population growth, according to several sources, is also at an all-time high at a 34,400 increase over 2013.

The extravagant claims are music to the Labour opposition’s ears, as they’ve been calling for a limit on immigration for some months. However, the party isn’t prepared to state an immigration target figure, a possibly popular move, as it doesn’t want to face accusations of xenophobia.

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