Brit expats confirm UK weather is a major reason for emigration

Brit expats confirm UK weather is a major reason for emigration

Brit expats confirm UK weather is a major reason for emigration

Brits desperate to emigrate are giving better weather as their main reason for leaving the home country.

The possibilities of retiring or working overseas have given disenchanted Brits a much-needed escape hatch from the notorious British weather, even before it became far worse due to global warming. The UK’s reputation for cold summers and endless rain has been magnified over the past few years to include a huge increase in rainfall resulting in devastating floods as well as storm force winds, giving yet more reasons to leave and never return.

New research has revealed 66 per cent of Brits would love to be given the chance to pack up and leave for sunnier, warmer climes should the right job present itself or retirement finally arrive. Quality of life also featured strongly in reasons for getting out, but 50 per cent of respondents cited better weather as their main motivation and just a third of those surveyed mentioned higher salaries.

It’s no surprise that the unpredictable, mostly grey British weather is the final straw for those able to become internationally mobile, as exposure to sunshine increases vitamin D levels as well as mood and allows the chance to enjoy more time outdoors. Money, it seems, is no longer the main motivation, with just under half those who took part in the study saying they’d move overseas even if the job didn’t increase their salary levels.

Surprisingly, given the focus of most surveys on a cheaper cost of living, only 27 per cent of respondents quoted this as a reason for relocating away from the UK. The USA was the favourite as regards expat destinations, followed by Australia and Canada, all three of which are expensive countries, and the USA is most favoured by younger would-be expats.

The UAE is popular for its significant tax breaks and higher wages, with younger expats happy to work fast and hard in order to take advantage of the hot weather combined with the upscale lifestyle. However, at the present time the shock of the coronavirus pandemic has turned half the world upside down and shattered economic confidence, making emigrating for any reason not just difficult but also risky.

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