New breed of UK migrants heads away from Europe

New breed of UK migrants heads away from Europe

New breed of UK migrants heads away from Europe

The traditional expat hubs of Spain, Portugal and France are losing out as adventurous expats head for more exotic destinations.

After the perennial favourites of Australia and Canada, the new, cool destinations are likely to be in the Middle East or even Asia, with Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Dubai now high on the list. According to a survey by NatWest International, New Zealand has been pipped as a job destination by Dubai and its neighbouring emirate Abu Dhabi.

The majority of migrants are leaving the UK to further their employment prospects as well as improve their quality of life, with 75 per cent of those surveyed believing a stint overseas will enhance their resumes and almost all considering the move as temporary. Those working in the Asian and Middle Eastern hubs are more than happy with their larger disposable income.

For would-be expats in general, the old favourites of Spain, France and Portugal are no longer attractive due to a fall in lifestyle caused by the Eurozone crisis. Over 66 per cent of expats already living in mainland Europe are planning their return to the UK.

The survey also noted that, wherever in the world expats are living, the advent of the internet and its social media sites along with Skype and other video technologies is making keeping up with family and friends in the home country much easier and cheaper. Keeping in touch with home on a regular basis, some say, is making a return to the UK from the expat dream far easier.

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