UK minister tells Brit expats not to plan on leaving the UK

UK minister tells Brit expats not to plan on leaving the UK

UK minister tells Brit expats not to plan on leaving the UK

British government tells expat professionals and holidaymakers not to plan overseas travel.

Citing Britain’s war against the coronavirus as the reason for his advice, UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps warned those wishing to leave the UK not to take overseas trips or holidays, no matter what the reason. Travel, he said, might not be possible even after social distancing has been lifted, with overseas destinations not working to the same timescale as the UK as regards welcoming incomers.

The hospitality sector as a whole, already reeling from huge losses due to Britain’s tardy reaction to the pandemic, was shocked by the minister’s announcement as it implies the high-earning summer months will be written off as well. The implication that airlines will continue to be grounded and their jobs will remain on hold in the midst of massive revenue losses is now causing fears of bankruptcy for many carriers.

Shapps doesn’t consider going on holiday is essential travel, but is also including retiring overseas or reassignment in order to take on a new overseas job in his brief. At present, there seems to be no advice and no consideration for those whose travel overseas has been prompted by a total change of lifestyle or a job opportunity rather than a fortnight nursing a hangover on a Spanish beach.

The British government’s slow response to the pandemic’s arrival has meant even the most careful plans have been shoved to one side, with no consideration as to the effects of its attitude. The UK’s death toll makes for grim reading, but blocking off would-be expats can only result in more lives being wrecked due to the government’s slow initial response as well as its subsequent lack of clarity.

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