Freezing weather and frozen wages see Britons migrate

Freezing weather and frozen wages see Britons migrate

Freezing weather and frozen wages see Britons migrate

The exodus of professional Britons heading for jobs across the world is being fuelled by a freeze on wages as much as by the last several years’ freezing British winters.

A recent study shows that two-thirds of British workers packing up and leaving for jobs overseas are being motivated by poor job prospects and a lack of salary increases. Of those surveyed, 66 per cent reported they were earning more than in their previous UK jobs, with 80 per cent felling more secure financially as a result.

The survey was commissioned by Lloyds TSB International, with its CEO Richard Musty agreeing that the trend nowadays amongst ambitious workers is to relocate abroad to improve their prospects. Different countries, he added, attract different employment sectors, with the manufacturing and financial services and manufacturing industries losing an increasing number of workers to overseas opportunities.

Overseas employers are stepping up to the post in offering attractive relocation packages, especially for those with families to consider, with 55 per cent of respondents being offered a moving allowance, 50 per cent on a housing cost allowance and 43 per cent granted flights home. A better quality of life was another factor evident in the survey results.

At the present time, the majority of migrating Brits are sourcing new positions in the IT sector, followed by manufacturing and financial services. The majority of technology jobs are in Germany, with South Africa the destination of choice for those in the manufacturing industry.

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