New UAE immigration hotline to open on 10 October

New UAE immigration hotline to open on 10 October

New UAE immigration hotline to open on 10 October

The United Arab Emirates have announced the opening of a new immigration hotline as from 10 October, aimed as a one-stop shop solution for clarification of immigration queries.

The new service is aimed at expats already living in the emirates as well as those planning to take up positions there, and the hotline is expected to end speculation as to visa and immigration requirement changes in the UAE. According to immigration officials, the rumours have caused unnecessary concern amongst expat workers.

In addition, the hotline will provide foreign visitors and immigrants with protection against fake immigration consultants and fraudsters. A spokesperson from Dubai’s Department of Naturalisation and Residency Authorisation indicated that all possible queries submitted by concerned persons would be answered.

The hotline is operating from Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office, and will be accessible 24 hours a day on working days, according to Major General Nasir al Minahli. He added that the purpose of the new programme was to ensure peace and integrity in the UAE’s multi-ethnic society.

Sultan al Naumi, general manager of the GDRFA, when asked about the classes of immigrants the project was aimed at, replied that it was intended as universal in nature, although at first only English and Arabic consultations will be given. He added that more languages would be added later, saying that the measures will keep the UAE a safe and peaceful nation as its founding fathers intended.

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