Academics fear Irish brain drain

Posted on 27 Aug at 9 AM in Ireland Relocation
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Academics fear Irish brain drain

Academics fear Irish brain drain

Scientists in Ireland are concerned that losing out on vital research grants awarded by Europe could cause a brain drain. A reduction in funding could potentially cause academics and postgraduates to look to other countries in which to continue their research and studies.

A group of international experts is worried that a change in government policy is putting at risk the funding which is given to Irelands academic institutions. A letter has been published in the Irish Times in which 17 researchers from institutions including Trinity College, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Cork Institute of Technology assert that a number of Nobel laureates have underlined just how important maintaining a good level of frontier research is.

According to the academics the balance has tipped in the favour of close-to-market applied research and away from fundamental research.

Cork Institute of Technology dean of graduate studies, Dr Eamonn Cashell, one of the signatories of the letter said that he believes that basic research is suffering in favour of applied research. He added that although he was a supporter of applied research it was necessary to strike a balance between the two and that not managing to do so could mean that an institution loses its reputation for excellence which could result in academics looking elsewhere to continue their studies.

University College Dublin geneticist, Geraldine Butler, said if research funding was diverted there would be no way of accessing money. She added that she was currently trying to decide whether she would be able to remain in Ireland.

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