Hong Kong expats fearing new China rulings

Hong Kong expats fearing new China rulings

Hong Kong expats fearing new China rulings

Expats in Hong Kong are now deeply insecure due to the new Chinese ruling.

Hong Kong citizens and expats as well as the world were stunned when China announced its new national security law to be imposed on the island. Fears its introduction would finally kill off the unique freedoms enjoyed as a result of the handing over of Hong Kong to China after the British left are now stalking the city and its huge expat professional community.

Basically, China’ submission is at present a draft resolution sent to its rubber-stamp parliament for discussion and certain approval this week. Subsequently, the rules will be expanded and provide the roots of an actual draft law. What’s seen by China as secession, terrorism, subversion or action by foreign forces will all be outlawed, with residents and expats now fearing China’s possible setting up of institutions responsible for security, including a law enforcement agency.

Citizens and expats alike are now fearing their loss of freedoms as China’s noose tightens around the city’s neck. Losing the right to free speech and the right to protest via the introduction of China’s judicial system could well kill the Hong Kong goose and poison its golden eggs. Ever since the founding of the colony, it’s been an economic and business powerhouse, operating using the modern version of its original constitution, but total control from China is certain to destroy its ability to work in the way it knows best.

Already, the USA has hit out at China, stating its plans will undermine Hong Kong’s freedom and autonomy and cause the city to become an offshore model of the giant Communist country. Its global trading and financial hub could not operate successfully under China’s full control, and the city’s expat professional community would soon move on to fresh fields and pastures new. It’s also being pointed out that China’s new law is a breach of the promise to operate in the ‘one country, two systems’ model agreed at the handover, a modus operandum which is essential to the city’s survival.

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