Hungarian Ministry says Roma fake reasons to flee

Hungarian Ministry says Roma fake reasons to flee

Hungarian Ministry says Roma fake reasons to flee

According to a Hungarian government statement, many Roma seeking asylum in Canada, who claim to be escaping political oppression, are in fact motivated by the liberal social benefits.

A statement issued by the Human Resources Ministry said Hungary observes human rights and is a “democratic constitutional state”. Anyone seeking political asylum in another land while citing Hungary as a “quasi-fascist dictatorship” is not telling the truth, added the statement.

According to the ministry, Hungarians who relocated to Canada were lured by the generous financial benefits offered by Canada’s immigration law. With Canada’s recent legislation changes, Hungary will likely see many of its asylum-seekers sent back. The new laws are due to be implemented later this month.

Canada’s message, according to the Hungarian government’s statement, is that the future may not be built on federal benefits but on hard work. Hungary’s Roma have a future in Hungary, added the statement. Although it is not easy to thrive as a Roma in this country, there are federal programmes seeking to offer opportunities to all in job training, it went on.

Responding to Canada’s decision, the Hungarian National Roma Self-Government called for a distinction between political and economic refugees, urging action against people smugglers who violate refugee rights.

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