Reasons why Dubai is still a top destination for ambitious expats

Reasons why Dubai is still a top destination for ambitious expats

Reasons why Dubai is still a top destination for ambitious expats

For qualified, experienced professionals seeking a job in Dubai, there’s a huge expatriate community ready to ensure you’re never lonely.

Moving overseas to an exotic land with an unfamiliar language can be a scary prospect for even the most enthusiastic expat professional, but Dubai is more approachable as a home from home due to its huge number of expat residents. For more than a decade, the brightest and best have flocked to the desert city to further their careers and, in many cases, to make their fortunes. In 2019, some 85 per cent of the glittering city’s population was from overseas, although some 70 per cent of that number arrived from Asian countries.

Dubai is now considered to be the planet’s most cosmopolitan city, with the majority of incomers choosing it for economic reasons as well as its enviable lifestyle. In spite of global concerns, the city’s economic boom is showing no signs of abating, unlike the sluggish economic trends in many other world hubs. The strongest sectors in its economy are considered to be real estate, retail, transportation and the wholesale trade, and incomers with the right qualifications and experience are earning high salaries on which they pay no tax.

Even so, financial security isn’t the only attraction, as the city is now one of the most exciting locations in the world. Massive new developments with all amenities, a good number of world-class eateries and shopping malls the size of small cities all give an enviable lifestyle for expats and locals alike. Dubai’s Old Town is crammed with culture, art, traditional buildings and souks, presenting a fascinating contrast with the rest of the city’s 21st-century offerings.

Another irresistible draw for expatriate professionals looking to save as well as make money is the variety of investment opportunities, particularly in the real estate sector. Dubai’s property market is still buoyant and is expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future, with new, highly desirable developments being successfully launched every year. Combining all its advantages and adding in the region’s career progression opportunities, Dubai is likely to continue as a favourite expat destination for years to come.

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