Reasons why Estonia is a favourite with tech-savvy expats

Reasons why Estonia is a favourite with tech-savvy expats

Reasons why Estonia is a favourite with tech-savvy expats

One of the least populated of all EU member states, Estonia is also an unbelievably futuristic location for expat professionals.

Home to just 1.3 million people, Estonia was a well-kept secret until the tech revolution resulted in huge numbers of expats travelling the world to find the best places to lodge their talents. Unlike many other destinations worldwide Estonia took up the challenge, introduced the new technology and used it to improve life for its peoples and the environment. Since then, tech expat professionals have been more than welcome and are now bringing in even more new advances in technology.

Estonia is a forested land loved by citizens and expats alike for its environment and the wildlife living in their natural habitats. Outdoor events such as camping in the forests, volunteering to maintain their natural beauty and even collecting litter are popular. Plastic bags are now banned, and extra packaging is frowned on. Ecologically-minded expat techies could be forgiven for thinking they’ve died and gone to heaven, especially at their first sight of the food-delivery robots common on the city streets!

For expat entreprenuers, Estonia is the Balkans’ version of Silicon Valley, with almost daily innovations resulting from local school initiatives such as teaching programming to kids in primary grade. As a result, Estonia’s start-up numbers are the highest on the planet, with half the population specialising in deep-tech, creative tech and software. New arrivals may not even realise that Skype was actually developed in Estonia before being sold to eBay.

Taking all the above into account, it’s more than obvious that Estonia should be number one on every tech-talented expat’s relocation list.

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