Greece may be the best bet yet for UK expats fleeing Brexit Britain

Greece may be the best bet yet for UK expats fleeing Brexit Britain

Greece may be the best bet yet for UK expats fleeing Brexit Britain

British expats in Greece can now rely on their rights and residency status,

Brexit notwithstanding. Over the past several years, much has been written about its effects on British expats in a majority of EU member states where there are sizeable expat communities. Not a great deal has been heard from or about UK retirees and expat professionals who chose Greece as their new home from home, but it’s been assumed they’re as concerned and worried about their futures as are their counterparts living in the rest of the EU.

Fortunately, it seems the Greek Parliament are aware of expat concerns as, on January 3, the country’s Alternate Foreign Ministry tabled a bill setting up protection of the rights and residential status of both current and future Britons living in Greece. The bill is intended to stand as it is, no matter what transpires during the transition period, and its wording includes British citizens and their families who’ve been resident up until the date of the UK’s withdrawal, those who arrive between now and the end of the year and those who arrive post January 2021.

The bill also covers coordination of social security and healthcare rights for Britons, the recognition of the UK driver’s license as well as its conversion to a Greek license, and also gives terms and conditions for UK nationals wishing to open and operate tourism businesses. Along with other Brexit-related financial matters, issues on the rights of those wanting access to employment and needing the recognition of their academic and professional qualifications are covered.

Given that Greece has always been popular as a retirement destination, should the bill pass it seems it would calm the fears of Brits already resident in the country and attract a considerable number of those not overjoyed about the post-Brexit plans of other EU member states.

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