Is this the answer for UK expats fleeing the EU?

Is this the answer for UK expats fleeing the EU?

Is this the answer for UK expats fleeing the EU?

In the past, Central America’s expat retiree population has been mostly American, but UK expats looking for an alternative to returning to Brexit Britain are now taking an interest.

In general, real estate prices in the region are affordable and the lifestyle is laid back and enjoyable, with property investment fairly straightforward. There’s a huge choice of surroundings, from beachside through rural to lush, green mountain-backed towns, and the cities are full of life and colour as well as home to already established expat communities.

Mexico is a long-time favourite for its strong economy, booming tourism industry and large, international expat communities ready and willing to welcome new arrivals. Buying a home is straightforward, and there’s plenty of advice available from retirees who’ve been there and done that. For property investors, it’s considered a stable, safe region.Costa Rica is known as one the world’s most economically and politically stable countries, making buying a retirement home even more of a safe investment than in Mexico. The scenery is spectacular, and the cost of living including property is affordable, along with an exceptional standard of living, Again, established expatriate communities make settling in far easier than in many other destinations.

Belize’s huge advantage is that it’s English-speaking, and the exchange rate is pegged to the US dollar at 1.2, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing out on widely fluctuating rates. Expatriates are subject to the same property rights as citizens, and the purchasing process is regarded as transparent. For retirees looking to work, the tourism industry is growing fast, given plenty of opportunity. Panama may be a long way south of the home country, but its growing popularity with expats is in part due to the strategic importance of the Panama Canal. For those looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, opportunities in the commercial as well as the tourism sector are available, as are farms set amidst its stunning natural beauty.

Nicaragua has a somewhat undeserved reputation as a dangerous place to live, thus putting off many would-be expat property purchasers. However, recent data is disproving misconceptions of danger, but property prices are still cheap and the low cost of living and house prices are now resulting in small but growing expat communities.

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