Is Cambodia the next hub for digital nomads?

Posted on 3 Jun at 6 PM in Working Abroad
Story link: Is Cambodia the next hub for digital nomads?
Is Cambodia the next hub for digital nomads?

Is Cambodia the next hub for digital nomads?

Is Cambodia the next hotspot for younger expat professionals?

Digital nomads are now an accepted part of the global expatriate scene, with Bali one of the first hotspots for these ultra-mobile independent expat professionals. Looking to the future, Cambodia seems likely to follow on as a major hub, as it’s already a destination for retirees and start-up entrepreneurs. Phnom Penh already has a settled expat community and, following the takeover of Sihanoukville by the Chinese and the possibility of the same scenario in Siem Reap, Kampot and Kep are the favourites for older expats. However, neither towns offer millennials what the major city can provide.

At the present time, the country is relatively peaceful, having put the war years behind it and started to grow its appeal for visitors of all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Phnom Penh is central for travellers around Southeast Asia, and its amazingly inexpensive accommodation for expatriates is another good reasons why it’s now attracting a number of younger expat professionals. The city’s already established foreign community is vibrant and taking full advantage of co-working spaces as well as cheap boutique hotels and other rental options.

Phnom Penh’s nightlife is fun as well as affordable, and for those who believe Cambodian food is boring, there’s now a good choice of Western-style eateries, juice bars and take-outs. Many of the new high-rise hotels have rooftop bars with stunning nighttime views of the city as well as expat-oriented happy hours. If co-working spaces don’t appeal, there’s a good choice of internet cafes with stable, good quality wi-fi connections. All in all, Phnom Penh is an attractive city, home to hospitable people and with a rich history sure to appeal to expats looking for a new, different location.

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