Best world destinations for expat digital nomads

Best world destinations for expat digital nomads

Best world destinations for expat digital nomads

Where in the world are the best destinations for expat digital nomads?

For most of the 20th century, world travel was a luxury only available to the relatively wealthy or those employees on business trips whose companies provided everything from the flight itself to hotels and expenses. The advent of low-cost airlines aimed at the tourism market changed the face of the world for ever, bringing exotic locations within reach of anyone who wanted to explore and enjoy, then write about it later. Thus, the digital nomad life was born, and is now alive and kicking all over the planet.

Nowadays, expat digital nomads can roam free anywhere they can get a suitable visa, and spend their earnings widely by living like the locals. Hotels are out of favour and renting an apartment with decent wi-fi is in, especially if it’s in a city that’s popular with this new wave of world travellers. Co-working spaces are easy to find, as are coffee shops with internet access, and all that’s needed are smartphones or mobile hotspots allowing working when and wherever their owners please.

As with every world trend, favourites arise fast and the news gets round about the best place at the right time. Bali is now a popular hotspot for the digital nomad lifestyle, with its breathtaking natural wonders, reliable wi-fi, affordable accommodation, delicious food and great weather. Canggu is another favourite spot for the digital life and its Asian/Hindu architecture is mind-blowing.

Another all-time favourite is Portugal’s Lisbon with its welcoming locals, comfortable work spaces, laid back lifestyle and excellent infrastructure. Internet connectivity is excellent and the lifestyle is affordable. The Spanish city of Barcelona is incredibly rich in history as well as in great eateries, magnificent architecture, friendly locals, good internet connectivity and affordable rentals. It’s more an experience than a city and is also good for networking with other digital nomads as well as successful entrepreneurs.

Another lesser known destination may be totally unfamiliar to the bulk of digital nomads, but Medellin in Columbia is a secret waiting to be discovered. Again, apartments are affordable, the local food is delicious, the internet is reliable and the mountains and beaches make for beauty and relaxation.

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