Canada to focus on Irish migrants at local job expos

Canada to focus on Irish migrants at local job expos

Canada to focus on Irish migrants at local job expos

Two of Ireland’s major job expos are to be visited by a number of Canadian companies eager to encourage skilled Irish workers to consider a new, North American life.

Jobs Expo Dublin and Jobs Expo Cork are expecting at least seven Canadian firms looking to encourage immigration amongst the high number of jobless skilled workers in the Republic of Ireland. With the country now officially in recession again, Canada is an increasingly popular destinations for skilled tradespeople and professionals.

Internationally recognised qualifications, English fluency and increasing desperation, especially amongst younger skilled professionals, are leading many who've lost all hope of ever finding a job or advancing a career in their home country to look elsewhere. The needs of Canada’s many provinces fit well with those of the unemployed or recently graduated hopefuls waiting for the upcoming jobs fairs.

Dublin’s Jobs Expo at Croke Park Conference Centre is scheduled for two days beginning 6 October, and the Cork Expo at the Silver Springs Moran Hotel takes place on 10 September. Both are expected to attract many thousands of optimistic job-seekers drawn by the promise of dozens of worldwide companies and headhunting firms.

Those concerned about the realities of applying for a visa and work permit will be happy to meet up with CICS, a Canadian immigration consultancy and its CEO Alex Khadempour, who will explain main visa routes and what to expect on arrival. He will also explain that skilled workers can apply for permanent residency in the country once they are settled in.

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