The new world is coming for jobless expat professionals

The new world is coming for jobless expat professionals

The new world is coming for jobless expat professionals

One thing’s for certain, after the pandemic releases its grip there’ll be a huge number of talented expats looking to find their next overseas assignment.

Whilst the planet prepares itself for a virus-free experience, redundant expat professionals will begin preparing themselves for the hard slog of finding a rewarding new job. The key will be the ability to adjust to the changing environmental and health requirements, and those in the tech sector will need to recognise the future importance of AI.

Thinking ahead to 2030, the world will have changed in ways we can’t imagine, with remote work becoming an absolute norm and tech taking over the simpler tasks. Riding this unprecedented wind of change is going to be tricky, but it’ll also be the experience of a lifetime for those able to stay on board. New requirements come in two categories, firstly in mental activity and secondly in an empathic, emotional capacity.

For the first, thinking out of the box will become an essential skill, especially when it’s linked with creativity. The second involves the use of flexible thought processes and will also become essential, requiring never-ending efforts to utilise a growth mindset. For expats, adaptability shouldn’t be too difficult, as rapid change is likely to become the norm. The speed at which tech adapts to new parameters will increase as the technology itself evolves still further, leaving humans struggling to catch up.

As regards the actual physical presence of expat professionals in the workplace, this is likely to decline to a fraction of what’s necessary today as tech evolution continues. Working from home will become the norm rather than the exception, with the coronavirus lockdowns a convenient prequel for when it’s normal practice rather than a necessary exception. However, as many of us now know, it’s not always the best option, especially if expats have families to consider!

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