High percentage of Brits want ban on EU migrants

High percentage of Brits want ban on EU migrants

High percentage of Brits want ban on EU migrants

Following official figures showing more UK citizens emigrating than ever before, a new poll claims that 79 per cent of respondents want a ban on migrants from the EU.

The Daily Express opinion poll, conducted earlier this week, was commissioned by ‘Get Britain out of the EU’, a campaign group dedicated to forcing Britain to leave the European Union. Fears that the country will be flooded by migrants from Eastern Europe when controls on the entry of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals are relaxed seem to have surfaced via the well-timed survey.

Group spokesman Tim Aker told the media that public demand from all sections of British society should force the government to retain its immigration controls on the two Eastern European countries. The EU’s free movement rules, he continued, allow anyone who so wishes to arrive in the UK, be supported and take British jobs.

Migrants, he added, are given housing and receive social security without doing a day’s work in the country or paying a penny in contributions. Aker believes there is no way that PM David Cameron can renegotiate the Charter of Fundamental Rights which permits free movement.

The British people, he believes, want control of their borders back, stating that the only way to achieve this is for Britain to leave the EU. Results of the ComRes poll reveal that 89 per cent of voters over retirement age were opposed to the end of the transitional migration controls, with the strongest negative reactions found in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Even in the rest of the country the numbers for retaining the controls did not dip below 80 per cent, and opposition crossed all political allegiances. Just seven per cent overall were in favour of abandoning the controls.

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