Expats heading for Amsterdam now facing Airbnb ban

Expats heading for Amsterdam now facing Airbnb ban

Expats heading for Amsterdam now facing Airbnb ban

If you’re a would-be expat planning a reconnaissance trip to Amsterdam or Prague, it’ll cost you more than you’ve calculated.

The popular expat destination of Amsterdam announced last week that all Airbnb short-term rental accommodation is to be banned in the city’s three central districts from tomorrow. The ban doesn’t affect short-term rentals in the rest of the city, but landlords are being advised that special permits allowing just 30 days’ leases in any one year need to be issued as well as stating the accommodation can only hold four persons at any one time. For landlords thinking of risking it, fines can be as high as 20,750 euros.

The move is a result of a huge surge in tourist rentals in the city centre, causing residents to complain about the disruption of the historic landscape. Apparently, one out of every 15 rental apartments is being advertised on short-term accommodation websites. Expats in Prague are now concerned the city council may follow Amsterdam, as the same issues are common to both historic cities.

In fact, Prague’s city council has already requested the Czech government as regards bringing in an amendment aimed at regulating short-term rentals in the heart of the popular tourist destination. Another reason for the desired change in Prague’s reputation as an alcotourism and stag party hub to a more suitable, cultured location for tourists as well as expats is that residents’ quality of life is being adversely affected.

Both of these major European tourism and expatriate professional destination cities are suffering due to the pandemic, although tighter regulations on short-term rentals are now being seen to have had a positive effect on bookings for hotels as well as helping the cities track and monitor new arrivals for the infection. As regards expat residents, Prague’s latest incentive of slashing the price of beer and offering cheaper meals have both proved to be popular moves within the local expat community.

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