For a unique expat experience Albania is the place

For a unique expat experience Albania is the place

For a unique expat experience Albania is the place

Even although some might well have to find a map to establish Albania’s location, this unique country is making waves in the expat world.

First becoming popular as a tourism destination, Albania is now the new kid on the expat block as regards long-term stays, Although the vast majority of foreigners arrive on holiday, increasing numbers are now choosing the country as their home from home. Expats who’ve now settled in have arrived from Greece, Italy and even the UK, and other nationalities who’re working in the region include Canadians and Chinese.

As with emigration to the vast majority of world countries, a starter pack can be obtained at your chosen location’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office page on the website. Guidance will include necessities such as private health insurance and how to obtain a residency permit for an extended stay. Exactly where you intend to live is tricky unless you’ve visited at least once, especially if you’re undecided about renting versus buying a property.

Joining a dedicated expat-oriented website can get you information on your location and much else you’ll need to know simply by posting a request and waiting for an answer. It also starts you off with a new circle of online acquaintances able to answer your queries from their own experience. It has to be said that Albania its capital city Tirana and its regions aren’t like any other expat hub, especially as the country was shut off from the world for many years.

For newly arrived expats determined to stay, learning the language is unfortunately, essential, even if languages aren’t your major talent. Taking classes is the only way forward but, if fluency is impossible, the locals will appreciate your efforts. Trying to integrate will bring huge rewards, as Albanians are a friendly interesting, supportive lot who’ll help you when you really need assistance. If you enjoy living in an expat bubble, Albania is definitely not for you!

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