Nevada ad attacks Obama deportation record

Posted on 9 Aug at 9 AM in Immigration Politics
Story link: Nevada ad attacks Obama deportation record
Nevada ad attacks Obama deportation record

Nevada ad attacks Obama deportation record

A Spanish-language commercial has been launched in the US state of Nevada attacking the Obama administration for deporting a record number of immigrants. The 30-second spot is called No More Lies and accuses Mr Obama of deporting more people than any president who has gone before him.

The commercial also attacks Mr Obama for not pushing through the immigration reform that he promised in 2008. The campaign has not been funded by the campaign to get Republican Mitt Romney into the White House but is a rare example of the Republicans attempting to attack the Obama administration on the immigration issue.

The Republicans have mostly been targeting the valuable Latino vote by talking about the economy. Although Latino voters seem to have been divided over President Obama’s handling of issues concerning immigration a shift in his favour may have come in June. The president signed an act which means children who came into the US as illegal immigrants before they were 16 can apply for temporary work permits.

A report by NBC News showed that the Obama campaign has spent 12 times as much on producing Spanish language commercials than the Romney camp. According to census data the Hispanic population in Nevada increased to 26.5 per cent in 2010 making it an extremely important portion of the vote.

Romney is hoping that he can clinch supporters by attacking the fact that Nevada has an unemployment rate of 11.6 per cent.

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