Pregnant Chinese Women Travelling to USA to Conceive

Pregnant Chinese Women Travelling to USA to Conceive

Pregnant Chinese Women Travelling to USA to Conceive

Companies who teach pregnant women from China on the methods of entering the US in order to give birth to American citizens have come under scrutiny by immigration authorities.

According to a Shanghai newspaper, some companies provide ‘birth tourism’ services’. It is thought that Chinese Citizens amounting to over tens of thousands are flying to the U.S to conceive.

Agencies coach Women who want their babies born in the U.S to apply for a tourist visa. They are also advised to not to mention they are seeking medical treatment and to hide that they are pregnant whilst going through immigration. Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement have raided 20 maternity hotels however these have not had an effect on business. Prices range from $20,000 to $80,000 for these trips.

The State Department was that there are no laws that prohibit people from having a baby once they’ve entered the country and that there is a visa available that allows people from other countries to undergo medical treatment in the U.S. Generally people are granted visas unless they can’t explain why they cannot get sufficient treatment in their homes countries or cannot afford medical care in the U.S. Sponsoring parents can become U.S citizens once the child reaches 21 years of age.

Manager of, Chen Lei, says that Chinese people like the food safety and clean air in America. Apparently his clients are wealthy and therefore do not receive benefits from the State.

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