Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats

Posted on 19 Aug at 6 PM in Australia
Story link: Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats
Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats

Australia still a favourite with UK and USA expats

In spite of the rise of a good number of alternative destinations, Australia is still a favourite, especially with the British and Americans

Unique landscapes, fascinating history and a traditional culture, laid back lifestyles and friendly locals, all of whom speak English, are just a few of Australia’s offerings to newly-arrived expats. Whether they’re working or retiring, the welcome’s the same, but decisions still have to be made on essentials such as housing, banking, healthcare, taxation and other necessities of life.

Expat personal financial matters are mostly similar to the home country, as is the decision whether to buy or rent a property. Many new arrivals simply rent for a while until they’ve adjusted to their new country’s lifestyle as well as exploring their surroundings and deciding which district is best suited to their needs. Rental charges vary according to cities, their suburbs and smaller towns, and a bond or deposit of around four weeks rent is normally required.

If the move is for ever and funds are available for house purchase, researching local property agents and finding out about mortgage restrictions and interest rates is the first priority. Getting a local bank account is essential, with Oz banks offering a good choice of current and deposit accounts, some of which are able to be set up before you leave the home country. A few accounts have conditions you might find restrictive, with checking the small print before signing up yet another essential. Oddly enough, you may find getting a credit card a tricky proposition as they’re normally only issued to citizens, permanent residents or temporary residents with skilled work visas and a full-time employment permit.

Australia has two healthcare schemes, one private and open to all and the other similar to the USA’s Medicare system but limited to access by permanent resident and citizens. Some Aussie visas require private health insurance covering either non-emergency treatment, emergency treatment or both, dependent on the policy. As regards transportation, major Australian cities have all the infrastructure needed to get anywhere comparatively fast, but many expats still decide to buy a car and self drive when and where they please. Third-party insurance is compulsory, and all new arrivals are advised to remember that Oz drives on the left!

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