Expat kids at Chinese international schools get the best education

Expat kids at Chinese international schools get the best education

Expat kids at Chinese international schools get the best education

One of the most important factors as regards relocation as a family is the quality and cost of ongoing international education.

For expat families heading overseas for a long-term assignment, their children’s education is one of the most important aspects of the move. It’s not just language difficulties, it’s the quality and style of local education facilities versus the high cost of international schooling up to Western university levels. Nowadays, international schools are springing up everywhere there’s an expat community, with many linked to famous Western public schools with boarding facilities as well as to top universities.

The above is fine should the company be picking up at least some of the tab, but for entrepreneurs and expats who’re not so fortunate, school fees can account for a considerable amount of the increased salary they receive overseas. For those heading to China, the news is worse, as Chinese international schooling is now the most expensive anywhere in the world. Beijing’s offerings charge an average of RMB 219,000 per year, with Shanghai not far behind on RMB210,000 and Shenzhen coming third at RMB173,000.

Even so, it’s not all bad news for expat parents, as there’s a huge choice of reasonably-priced tuition available at less exalted levels. Nowadays, education provision is a major money-spinner for Chinese investors but, for the cash cow to continue, top expat educators are as necessary as are excellent teachers at lower levels. China being what she is, tech is all-important in schools and universities as well as in the workplace. It’s now being given priority at all educational levels, not just in the most expensive.

This ambitious country is well aware that children are the future and is happy to provide the latest up-to-date education tools as well as highly qualified teachers. Here, as in the majority of other fully-industrialised world countries, expats get what they pay for and educational standards are high, ensuring children aren’t left behind due to a family relocation.

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