Over 100,000 Italians emigrated in 2014

Over 100,000 Italians emigrated in 2014

Over 100,000 Italians emigrated in 2014

There was a significant increase in the amount of emigrants from Italy compared to last year with the prime destinations of choice being Germany and the United Kingdom.

Government Figures released by II Sole 24 Ore show that some 101,297 Italians left their home country last year, 7,171 more than the number recorded in 2013. For 66,376 emigrés, Europe was the region of choice. The most popular destination proved to be Germany (14,270 new arrivals), which was followed by 13,388 moving to the UK and 11,092 choosing Switzerland as their preferred country.

The UK was most popular with younger Italians (aged between 20 and 40) with 8,351 emigrating there. The amount of people from this age group who choose to move to Germany was 7,374.

Countries outside of Europe, which featured in the overall top ten, include the United States, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

The figures show that there was a regional imbalance of emigration, with 18,425 from Milan’s Lombardy region, followed by 8,765 from Sicily and 8,720 from Vento in the northeast of the country. The amount of female and male emigrants was more balanced with 44 per cent of those leaving Italy being women.

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