90% of medical students plan to leave Ireland

90% of medical students plan to leave Ireland

90% of medical students plan to leave Ireland

Recent shocking new research has shown nine out of 10 medical students are considering moving to another country after they graduate.

Over two thousand students at the six medical schools in Ireland took part in the survey.

Thirty-three per cent of the students said that they had clear intentions to leave the country upon qualifying whereas approximately 53 per cent were currently considering it.

The National University of Ireland Galways’s Dr Diamuid O’Donovan expressed that the survey highlighted a problem and gave multiple reasons as to why students wanted to leave the country after they graduated.

He explained that the medical students often spoke about increased pay, lifestyle and career opportunities outside of Ireland however, in his opinion, he thought that salaries weren't the main issue as people earned a similar amount in other countries.

Dr O’Donovan also said that the training of postgraduates was changing in order to be more accessible. Previously, the process for students to become a consultant was not very clear and hopefully these changes should help rectify this problem.

Human Resources for Heath published the results from the study on its online journal this morning.

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