USA immigration reform is now a womens rights issue

USA immigration reform is now a womens rights issue

USA immigration reform is now a womens rights issue

The push to change the USA’s broken immigration system is slowly picking up more backers from likely and unlikely areas, with feminist groups the latest to climb on board.

Given the long history of advocacy contained in feminist and women’s rights group, it’s no surprise that immigration reform is now being vocally supported by activists with experience in fighting their corner. Their take on immigration makes a healthy change from the usual focus on border security, legalities and enforcement as it brings the issue firmly onto the human stage.

Women’s rights advocates are attempting to turn the tide of debate onto the real-world effect of any changes on mothers and their children. According to the chairwoman of We Belong Together, women and children make up the majority of immigrants, yet their needs are being ignored.

Female activists are drawing notice to the fact that a lack of citizenship leads to broken homes and the ruin of children’s lives and chances of a good education. They say that the present emphasis on green cards for workers in the technology, science and agricultural sectors is drowning out the needs of migrant families, illegal or legal.

The situations of millions of female domestic workers also need to change, according to activists who are calling for a new reality of equality honestly addressed by the nation’s lawmakers. This and other female concerns, they say, need at least as much discussion as other sectors of the bill are getting at present.

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