New immigration laws will make migration to Peru easier

New immigration laws will make migration to Peru easier

New immigration laws will make migration to Peru easier

A recent proposal made to the Andean parliament is intended to make immigration to the South American country far easier.

The proposal was put forward by Alberto Adrianzen, the Peruvian representative to the parliament, and was written with the assistance of the Andean Jurist Commission and the office of the national ombudsman. According to Adrianzen, the present law imposes sanctions and endless obstacles on those foreigners wishing to come to live in Peru.

Adrianzen told reporters that, in spite of the onerous regulations, immigration to Peru has increased considerably over the last several years due to the country’s stability and positive position. He added that 60,000 incomers had been welcomed to the country and helped to put down their roots in 2012.

He is certain that reform is needed in order for the country to take advantage of the new age of global mobility, and is stressing that any new legislation should better respect the human rights of incomers from abroad. For example, if his proposal is accepted and acted upon, foreign partners of Peruvian nationals would be accorded the same rights as foreign spouses married to Peruvian-born citizens.

The minister is also putting forward the easing of restrictions to permanent residency, saying it would count as a goodwill gesture to the European Union. Recently, Peru requested that the EU allow Peruvians visa-free entry to EU member states, with Adrianzen believing that reciprocity would show Peru’s readiness to improve conditions in the country for migrants.

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