MP poll of UK emigrants reveals most are middle income workers

MP poll of UK emigrants reveals most are middle income workers

MP poll of UK emigrants reveals most are middle income workers

The results of a poll commissioned by a Conservative MP have revealed that most Britons planning to emigrate are middle-income workers.

Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton Dominic Raab commissioned the largest poll ever taken of would-be migrants from the UK. Immigration and relocation specialists Global Visas conducted the survey, which received 5,600 responses in just five days.

A total of 39 percent of those surveyed were skilled technicians and a further 23 per cent were successfully self-employed. Only eight per cent of respondents worked in the financial services sector, with the results confirming that those leaving the country were those who were the most use to the economy.

Raab is describing the results of the survey as socially and economically debilitating for the UK’ 's prosperity, and Global Visa CEO Liam Clifford is astonished at the strong response to the poll. It’s clear, he says, that a large number of people took the chance to inform the government exactly why they are leaving and that they have no choice but to begin a better life overseas.

Almost half of those surveyed stated lack of career prospects in the UK as the main reason for their decision, with a fifth citing Britain’s high cost of living. The UK’s shaky economic outlook was cited by 13 per cent and high taxes were blamed by 11 per cent.

The favourite destination was Australia, and Raab notes that Britain now has a higher proportion of its population living overseas than any other developed country. Meanwhile, recently released figures have revealed that 400,000 foreigners are now claiming benefits, a 40 per cent increase over 2009 totals.

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