Survey finds 79 percent of UK migrants wont return

Survey finds 79 percent of UK migrants wont return

Survey finds 79 percent of UK migrants wont return

A poll conducted at the end of 2012 attracted 1,168 British expat respondents, almost 80 per cent of whom said they had no intention of ever returning to the UK.

The online survey by Freshminds on behalf of Lloyds TSB International questioned UK expats living in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the USA, UAE, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Gibraltar and South Africa. All are popular destinations for migrants from the UK.

The results of the poll suggest that Britons settled in Australia are the least likely to retrace their steps and return, with 90 per cent of those surveyed stating that they planned to stay in Oz for an indefinite period of time. As regards quality of life, France won hands downs, with the vast majority of UK expats stating that their quality of life is far better than when they lived in their home country.

The survey’s results showed a sharp rise over a similar survey which took place in January 2011, with only 60 per cent overall of those surveyed saying they were not planning to return. A rise in the number of expats who gave Britain’s economic situation as a strong reason for the move was also noted, with 26 per cent of respondents against 2011’s 17 per cent.

Unsustainable numbers of immigrants, increasing taxation, a government seen as incompetent, the lack of career advancement opportunities or even jobs, the rising cost of living and, naturally, the British weather, were all given as reasons for leaving. Quality of life was a decisive issue for many of those polled, and strongly influenced their decisions as to where to settle.

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