Canada pledges acceptance of 265000 immigrants in 2013

Canada pledges acceptance of 265000 immigrants in 2013

Canada pledges acceptance of 265000 immigrants in 2013

In a statement signifying the largest sustained immigration level in the history of Canada, the country’s parliament has disclosed plans to admit over 250,000 permanent residents during 2013.

The decision was announced by Transcend Consultants and taken from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s 2012 annual report following its recent tabling in the Canadian parliament. The high numbers indicate the continuation of the seven-year immigration target noted as the highest total in the country’s history.

According to Deepak Kohli, Transcend Consultants president, Canada has welcomed between 240,000 and 265,000 immigrants annually for the past six years, focusing on skilled workers and business people as well as provincial nominees. Kohli adds that, in 2013, the numbers qualifying under the Canada Experience Class will be increased to 10,000 from 6,500.

The government is also planning to admit 53,500 to 55,300 federal skilled workers and their families, as well as lifting the temporary stop on FSW application from the beginning of 2013. The move represents a change in government priorities from previous years and signals its intention to eliminate the present backlog of applications by 2014.

The backlog was cause by various government actions from 2008 onwards, including limitations on DSW applications with the exception of priority occupations, the 2010 cap on new applications and the returning on unprocessed applications made before 27 February 2008. Last July, the government froze most new FSW applications.

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