Three top cities in Canada for skilled expats

Three top cities in Canada for skilled expats

Three top cities in Canada for skilled expats

Canada has always been a favourite location for Britons, with Toronto now considered one of the most popular hubs for relocating expat professionals.

A recent survey put Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto in the prestigious group of best five world expat destinations for liveability. Moving overseas is a big deal for expats, with or without their families, and the traditional welcome provided by the top Canadian cities helps to ease the pressure on new arrivals.

For example, Calgary is known for its oil industry, and low taxes have enabled a wide variety of businesses to thrive, thus attracting talented expats to its jobs market. The city’s supporting industries include creative media, financial services and manufacturing, all of which bring in their share of top talent, and SMEs and startups are thriving in its entrepreneurial atmosphere. It’s the gateway to the magnificent Rockies, perfect for outdoor adventures and winter skiing, and its cultural and art events attract visitors from all over the world. Calgary’s main attractions are its low cost of living and free healthcare provision to expats staying for over a year.

Toronto is a hub for industries such as media, IT, filming and finance, and its cost of living is drastically less than other major world cities such as London and New York. There’s a huge, diverse international community comprising around 50 per cent of the city’s total population, and more than 230 nationalities are proud to call Toronto home.

Vancouver’s international community is equally impressive, and it’s loved by expats for its naturally beautiful surroundings and its thriving culture. Around half of the city’s population speak other languages as their mother tongues as well as English, and diverse traditions are celebrated by locals and visitors alike. The city is well-known for its excellent healthcare facilities, education and environmental concerns, and its economic strength attracts expatriates from across the world.

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