Canadian recruitment firm targets Irish workers

Canadian recruitment firm targets Irish workers

Canadian recruitment firm targets Irish workers

Diamond Group of Companies, a recruitment firm based in Canada, has announced it will be opening a UK and European headquarters in Dublin in order to recruit around 1,000 workers to relocate to Canada. In order to address a shortfall in the Canadian workforce it is estimated that the country will have to find 150,000 temporary workers from abroad every year over the coming half-decade.

Audrey Guth, President of the Diamond Group of Companies, said Ireland had been chosen as a European base because the firm aims to recruit most of its new workers from within the country. She added that the population was a rich source of skilled, educated English speakers, with a good work ethic.

The current aim is to recruit 1,000 individuals over the next year and continue or source the same number annually until 2016. Those who decide to move to Canada will have the opportunity of obtaining contracts which will last as long as two years.

Jason Kenny, Canada’s immigration minister, has just introduced a ruling whereby immigrants can apply to become permanent residents after a year in the country, rather than two as was previously required.

Diamond Global Canada specialises in sourcing workers in the skilled trades, food service and construction industry for clients on the east coast, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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