New government website invaluable for Irish expats coming home

New government website invaluable for Irish expats coming home

New government website invaluable for Irish expats coming home

For Irish expats returning home, governmental advice should make the transition easy.

The Irish Diaspora has been ongoing ever since the first ship docked in New York’s harbour, with its modern version involving countries all over the world and several million expat professionals exploring the planet whilst improving their careers. However, perhaps more than any other nationality, Irish expats’ unbreakable bonds with the home country see many eventually heading back home rather than taking up permanent residence overseas.

The Irish government’s Diaspora Policy understands the need to return home in later life, with its Returning to Ireland pages in the Citizens’ Information website giving advice to returnees on everything from education and schooling for children through starting work again or managing the adjustment to retirement. This well-thought out online portal is dedicated to making the journey and arrival as straightforward as possible in the hope that it will become an invaluable resource for returning expats. For those who’ve been away for a long time and are considering repatriating, detailed, comprehensive and accurate information can make all the difference.

The Returning to Ireland pages concentrate on Irish public services and are specifically aimed at those returning to live in their home country after years in far-flung lands. Advice is given on changes in taxation policies, converting a foreign driving license, getting an Irish passport and citizenship for a child born overseas and much more. Other issues covered in full include finding accommodation, applying for social welfare, retiring, starting a business, healthcare requirements, housing support, the Irish state pension, family social welfare payments and just about every aspect of returning home and getting adjusted.

The section on planning the homeward journey is of especial interest to those who simply don’t know where to start, and even includes bringing in pets and the family car. It’s believed the reverse culture shock of returning home after many years away can be worse than that of arriving in a new country after a reassignment or relocation, but the comprehensive guidance now available to Irish returnees should ensure a trouble-free adjustment to being home again.

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