Emigration from Spain rises dramatically

Posted on 20 Jul at 9 AM in Spain
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Emigration from Spain rises dramatically

Emigration from Spain rises dramatically

The National Statistics Institute in Spain has released figures which show that during the first half of 2012 the number of Spaniards deciding to leave the country increased by 44 per cent compared to the same six months in 2011. Spain is suffering from a crippling recession and unemployment is currently just shy of 25 per cent.

Between January and June this year it is estimated that 40,625 Spanish civilians emigrated. This is compared to 28,162 who decided to leave last year. Spain is now in its second recession in just three years.

A large number of foreigners who decided to settle in the country during the boom years leading up to the global economic collapse have also decided to pack their bags and return home. In the decade before the crisis of 2008 Spain’s population reached 47 million. Millions of foreigners crossed the border looking to take advantage of the jobs on offer created by the real estate bubble.

Many immigrants are now leaving because the job opportunities have since dried up and many Spaniards are trying their luck at finding work in other countries.

Although it is estimated that a quarter of the population is presently without work the situation is much worse for younger people. Of those who are available for employment under the age of 25, 52 per cent are without a job. There are currently 46 million people living in Spain.

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