US Senator Grassley blocks Irish and IT immigration bill

US Senator Grassley blocks Irish and IT immigration bill

US Senator Grassley blocks Irish and IT immigration bill

As reported by Irish Central, US Senator Charles Grassley (R, Iowa) is still blocking the passage of the E3 immigration bill for Ireland, as well as an IT bill for China, India along with higher quotas for Hispanics.

Senator Grassley had appeared likely to strike a deal with both the GOP and Democrats, but hopes for this seem to have faded. Although, a few weeks ago, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown said the E3 bill was “ready to pop”, there has been very little developments since.

Analysts speculate that Senator Brown, who is currently facing a tough re-election fight, could gain considerable Irish-American support in Massachusetts by passing the E3 bill. Indeed, Mr Brown has received very positive reaction, particularly at an event he attended with Irish PM Enda Kenny a few weeks ago in Boston.

However, Senator Grassley has reportedly refused to hash out a compromise with Senator Brown on the legislation proposal, which could damage Mr Brown back home.

James Gallagher, who heads the United Irish Counties of Massachusetts, said that it was one thing to vocally support the bill, but there must be follow through. The Irish-American community has been led down this primrose path before, he argued.

A renewed effort with Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, is now seen as the sole way forward by supporters of the Irish bill.

The E3 visa could allow a maximum of 10,000 Irish workers per year to arrive in the US on non-immigrant visas, which can be renewed every 24 months. Twenty other nations have visa bill agreements with the US, while Ireland has none.

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